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Bonkers Blog February 2016

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10 February (Part 1) - Belvedere Splash Park. The plug is pulled

No bridgeThe systematic destruction of the borough by Council Leader Teresa O’Neill continues, most of it can be traced back to her decision to attempt to make Bexley a sleepy backwater and turn her back on growth. Now we are paying the price for protecting her Brampton ward, children and all.

The OBE’s (Official Bexley Eradicator) fellow Luddite (pictured) and highest paid councillor in London, Councillor Gareth Bacon, now expects you to promote him within the GLA at the forthcoming election. He is already a Londonwide member, now he aspires to represent Bexley and Bromley. God help us.

Last night’s People Scrutiny meeting was a particularly boring affair despite the best efforts of Chairman Councillor James Hunt. The sound quality in my little corner was abysmal so I gave up trying to listen and hoped that my recorder might be doing a better job than the ear ‘oles. I spent the time reading the Agenda from end to end and in it found the little gems shown below.

The volunteer Splash Park campaign group never stood a chance. Bexley council set such a high hurdle in such a short time frame that there was no chance of raising the huge sums involved or even getting together a business plan. Never make the mistake of believing that an offer put forward by Bexley Council is genuine.

Splash ParkThere was a business proposal advocated by Anna Firth the Conservative Erith & Thamesmead General Election candidate about which no information was ever forthcoming but it would appear that it too has hit the buffers.

There will be no replacement Splash Park. I am not sure what private funding of a new playground means, Councillor Alex Sawyer when he was Cabinet Member for Public Realm offered that.

No doubt more information will come out at the Cabinet meeting but the answer will be the same. Bexley Council has successfully killed the 100 year old water feature.



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