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Bonkers Blog February 2016

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7 February (Part 2) - The Wilton Wall

Wilton Wall Abbey Wood stationThose who have taken a look at the daily updates to the next Crossrail photo feature will have seen the new Abbey Wood island platform asphalted and the southern station support wall adorned with red shuttering. Yesterday the cavity was filled with concrete, it took fewer than seven hours including the preliminaries and clearing up afterwards.

The wraps are due to come off next Tuesday and Wednesday.

As you can see, it will be one massive plain concrete wall and that is only to support the span across the tracks. The station will be above it and totally dominate Wilton Road.

Abbey Wood station There are no plans for decorative cladding according to a usually well informed insider. The curved roof serves to soften the outline when viewed from above but only the pigeons will arrive that way.

Elsewhere the Church Manorway footbridge still has no disabled access and the Bostall Manorway bridge is nearly six months old and yet to see its first ‘customer’.

Abbey Wood station is still said to be on course to despatch the first train from the new London bound platform on 22nd February. I can’t see it being fully fitted out by then but the essentials should be there, like the luxury of a roof which Abbey Wood has not seen since the Victorian station was knocked down in 1987.

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