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Bonkers Blog February 2016

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2 February (Part 2) - The Transport Users’ Committee - Journey 7

There is very little left to report from the Transport Users’ Committee meeting. Just major road works.

BexleyThe Broadway regeneration scheme around Lion Road has not yet caused major problems but it may do soon when the road is resurfaced in late February or March. The project will be completed by mid-April. Lion Road works were supposed to have started on 10th August 2014 and take 24 weeks. They began two weeks late and 24th August to mid-April 2015 is 34 weeks.

Traffic signals will be introduced in North End Road at the junctions with Bridge Road and Colyers Lane. Lane closures will be extensive, going well beyond the areas of work. (It’s Bexley, don’t ask.) Start date, 8th February, completion mid-June.

The Bexley Cray bridge works were according to Deputy Leader Alex Sawyer getting negative comment only from a “small number of businesses down there”. He said that he checks periodically to see that there are men working on site. At present utility pipes are being diverted. Councillor Sawyer had rejected the traders’ request for free parking on the grounds that businesses need a “churn” of visitors.

“Traffic jams on the North Cray Road, even on a Sunday afternoon were quite excessive.” He is investigating the possibility of a manually operated Stop/Go board to more efficiently get traffic through.

Councillor Stefano Borella asked how the bridge weight restrictions would be enforced. Chairman Val Clark said “there will be a camera down there”. The Council is buying four mobile traffic enforcement cameras as part of its revenue raising activities.

Bexley Bexley Bexley Bexley
Photographs supplied by Elwyn Bryant. The telegraph pole is in a silly position and is suffering as a result.


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