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Bonkers Blog February 2016

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1 February (Part 2) - Council Tax up

The Transport Committee meeting two weeks ago is not yet fully reported and neither is last week’s Cabinet Meeting - I wonder why?

However if Cabinet had been reported in full it would undoubtedly have referred to their very strong hints that Bexley’s Council Tax will be going up by the maximum permitted 4%.

I won’t like paying any more than you, the 4% increase that masqueraded as a bin tax was bad enough but with any luck Bexley will drop even further in the Council Tax League table, pushed further down by better authorities.

When they next tell you that Bexley is a low tax authority it will be another lie. Compared to other London authorities Bexley is no better now than it was under the much derided Labour Administration that lost power in 2006.

This will bear especially hard on the poor who now pay a rising proportion of Council Tax but didn’t pay anything only a couple of years ago.

Council’s Press Release. (PDF)


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