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Bonkers Blog December 2016

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22 December (Part 2) - Oh the irony!

Bexley Council has issued yet another Press Release today; this time we have Cabinet Member Peter Craske rejoicing at the fact that Mr. Gulab Singh was caught passing off counterfeit merchandise as the genuine article in 2012. He was convicted of unauthorised use of trademarks in 2015 and ordered to repay £89,345, £33,500 of it to Bexley Council. The money was handed over earlier this month.

When Councillor Craske crows about successful prosecutions of criminals it never fails to bring a smile to my face, and never more so than in this case. For wasn’t the ‘counterfeit’ blog an unauthorised use of my identity!

It was proved that the obscenities originated on Councillor Craske’s internet connection, it contained information that no one else was likely to know, and it is a matter of record that the police, the CPS and Bexley Council had to convene a secret meeting “to resolve his situation”.

It’s unfortunate for Gulab Singh that he is not one of the Singhs who enjoys close and questionable relations with Bexley Council. His crime may otherwise have reaped a very different reward.


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