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Bonkers Blog December 2016

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22 December (Part 1) - Has BiB been harassing the Masseys? It’s an official “No”

On 20th May 2016 two police officers came to my door, with a third sitting in the car outside, to threaten me with arrest if I did not agree to being interviewed at Bexleyheath police station. They said I was accused of harassment by Miss Victoria Massey, daughter of the two Councillors Massey. Precisely how I still do not know and I hadn’t ever named her but I can only assume that it was for publishing a photograph that had been posted, along with a dozen or so others, on a Facebook page which had no privacy protection whatsoever and unlike my version of it, was not blurred beyond all recognition.

I suspect that reminding readers that Councillor Don Massey and his wife, Councillor Sharon Massey, no longer lived in Bexley and that their business in Sidcup was no more had something to do with it too. Both bits of information were freely available elsewhere to anyone with access to a web browser.

FacebookThe police in their wisdom decided to refer me to their legal advisers and more than six months later a decision has been reached. It is now official that I have not been singling out the Masseys for special attention, which will not come as a surprise to anyone with half a brain cell.

Yesterday a three line email arrived from Inspector Colin Edge of Bexley's Professional Standards and Leadership Support Unit to confirm the decision but he warns me that “under current legislation every set of circumstances presented could mean that laws are broken. Please be mindful of this”. I take it that that means that anything one might do could be illegal on the whim of any police officer dependent on the day of the week. Where are we, North Korea?

I can still only guess at what it was that interested the police in my blog so I am unable to judge where their movable legal threshold was on the day in question and can only continue to make judgments based on the same standards I have deemed appropriate in the past. How can I possibly do anything else without a reference standard?

I shall press Inspector Edge for more information when I reply to his brief email later today and as things stand at the moment I will not be ruling out a formal complaint against the officer who judged it appropriate to send the three constables to my address.

All the professional advice says that I got nowhere near to breaking the law and if the Inspector cannot convince me that the advice is wrong it will cast doubt on the competence of that police officer. The alternative is that he submitted to political pressure placed on him by the Masseys as Bexley police have so often done before. It continues to be a live issue with two enquiries into it ongoing.

If it cannot be demonstrated that I came close to breaking the law I shall additionally consider making an allegation of malicious harassment against the Masseys.

For the record, there is no complaint against Inspector Edge whose communications have always been exactly what one would expect of someone with the words Professional, Standards and Leadership in his job title.


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