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Bonkers Blog December 2016

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19 December - Things are hotting up both at home and for Bexley police

As you may have noticed if you have not been too busy wrapping presents, BiB has been taking a holiday break. There is not an awful lot going on and there have been problems of a domestic nature to overcome, among them a broken down central heating boiler which is 30 years old. I know how it works and have always fixed it myself but spare parts are increasingly difficult to get hold of. After a chilly few days it is now reassembled and working. I dread having to replace it. Modern ones, even those marketed as compact units, are all a lot bigger in every dimension than the old one.

CraskeThere have been a couple of interesting developments with the police. On the so called Craske case the Met’s Department of Professional Standards (DPS) seems to have realised at last that if they don’t make a thorough job of investigating Bexley police’s subservience to Bexley Council, Elwyn Bryant and I will go back to the IPCC; they have confirmed we can do that.

The DPS recently found some more papers in Bexleyheath police station which they had somehow forgotten to give them when the file was first requested. Among the papers were the computer logs which I obtained from my ISP that provided a Craske connection.

They are new to the DPS and I had forgotten all about them but it looks as though they were conveniently ignored by Bexley police too. Would you expect anything else?

Councillor Craske can’t get ‘doneְ’ on the basis of the new information but it is sure to be another big black mark against the two Borough Commanders who stupidly allowed themselves to be manipulated by a bent Council.

When Bexley Council constructed a tissue of lies to protect Cheryl Bacon from the consequences of her illegally keeping members of the public out of a meeting not everyone’s story added up. Even Director Paul Moore’s confidential advice to Councillors was at variance with the story put out by the Council to the press. And as tends to happen when lies are ten a penny, everything unravelled badly and no one present at the meeting supported Bacon’s version of what happened there.

No OffenceOne thing that was particularly embarrassing to Bexley Council was that the police saw no problem. When they were called to the Council Chamber they asked no one’s name and address, made no report of the incident on return to base and when asked for information by the press said that no member of the public committed any crime.

This was seriously inconvenient for Bexley Council, so nearly a year later they asked Bexley Police to make something up.

Two unfortunate police constables were put under an obligation to say that I and others had to be forcibly ejected from the Council Chamber which is total nonsense. Mick Barnbrook made an allegation of crime to Scotland Yard and two years later the DPS said that the police constables had done nothing wrong.

It then became clear that the DPS had not investigated the case beyond reading the two PC’s second report and the evidence for that was sent to the IPCC. The IPCC agrees that the investigation was totally inadequate. This is a very precise repeat of how the DPS handled the Craske related case in 2012 and as you have read above, it still rumbles on. Will the Met. Police ever learn?

BaconIt is now quite obvious that the CPS are not going to charge Will Tuckley and Councillor Cheryl Bacon with a crime despite the police offering the off the record view that the case against them was strong.

Mick Barnbrook, who brought that case too, has not been provided with the full report by the CPS who have said that it is a police responsibility to decide whether to provide it or not but the investigating officer no longer works for the Met. Sometimes you have to accept that pursuing these things is not worth the further investment of time. When the system decides to be corrupt to protect its own there is nothing that can be done about it.

It was always going to be interesting to find out how the CPS would wriggle away from a prosecution and it took them 15 months to think up the way out, but I now know how they did it courtesy of an insider. I don't think I dare tell you but believe me, they played a blinder!

It’s a great shame a corrupt Council can get off scot free but four police officers are in trouble because they were asked to cover up for Bexley on two different occasions.


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