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Bonkers Blog December 2016

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12 December - Behave yourself

I suppose it needs to be done but it is beginning to make the borough feel like part of a police state, which given events over the past five years you may think it always has been.

For the record, it is six months since Bexley police told me they were considering a charge of harassment for referring to the publicly available information that the Masseys no longer ran a business in Bexley and have bought a house in Rochester and that one of their daughters posted pictures on Facebook taken at allegedly noisy parties which anyone was free to look at. How else do you think I found them? My hacking skills are zero.

I don’t intend to chase the police for an answer, they have suffered enough embarrassment at the hands of the two Councillors without me rubbing their noses in it.

However today’s real news is that a variety of activities which might be more appropriate to a children’s playground have become illegal in Bexleyheath Broadway.

Fortunately for certain people, the wheeling of buggies into ankles is not on Bexley’s list of distressing behaviours nor is creating clouds of tobacco smoke; but dropping the butt on the ground is verboten in George Orwell’s Bexley. (I got that phrase from a lady correspondent. I doubt very much that she smokes).

Council Press Release.

Rather late in the day, both literally and metaphorically, I took a look at Sidcup’s Walled Garden this afternoon and took a dozen photos for those of you who have not managed to get there. It was a horrible dull day as you know and the garden could do with a bit more colour, but when the million new roses are in bloom…


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