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Bonkers Blog December 2016

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9 December (Part 2) - From roses to horse manure

Yesterday’s Scrutiny meeting in Bexley’s Civic Offices was an almost entirely civilised affair with nothing but good natured banter between the two main parties, which is possibly why I found it to be such a bore.

CraskeBut then Cabinet Member Peter Craske spoke.

He returned to his age old, and thoroughly dishonest, theme of Labour being the fly tipper’s friend. He said (full report over the weekend) that all they ever did was put pictures of rubbish on social media. Presumably he has forgotten that that was the main plank of Anna Firth’s General Election campaign in Erith & Thamesmead too.

TweetUnknown to me because mobile telephony is not my strong point, Councillor Danny Hackett Tweeted about it from the chamber.

Despite the absence of the letter Q from Danny''s keyboard I thought it was rather funny when I first saw it this morning and took it to be a subtle reference to Councillor Craske’s apparent dalliance with blogging and affinity for obscenities.

Of course neither Danny nor I knows he did it but we do know that the content of the blog was entirely stuff that only Craske would be likely to know, that it came from his phone line and that former Chief Executive Will Tuckley was involved in an arrangement with the police that “Craske’s situation be resolved”.

Tweet Tweet
TweetWhilst some might think that Danny got perilously close to a line that I have not dared to cross I doubt anyone is likely to sue him for it any time soon.

An investigation into how the case against Peter Craske was undermined by politicians is still in the hands of Scotland Yard and they have discovered just how big the Craske cover up was.

I am still optimistic that someone is going to get their knuckles rapped big time for the corruption that has been uncovered but knowing how the establishment works to protect itself maybe I should be as pessimistic about it as Elwyn Bryant is.

But if a policeman goes down for this one I am going to move heaven and earth to push for those who knobbled him to go the same way. My money is on Teresa O’Neill O.B.E (Obscene Blogs Endorser) figuring in it somewhere.

Danny you have nothing to fear, they won’t be wanting this one brought to the fore again.


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