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Bonkers Blog December 2016

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5 December - Absent without leave?

A number of people have commented on the recent absence of BiB and whether something is amiss. The answer is that there has simply been nothing worth reporting for the past week and whilst puffing up next to nothing into a story of sorts is possible once in a while it is not something that can be done every day without acquiring the wrong sort of reputation.

Silence has its dangers too but it does at least allow time for other activities.

There are three meetings this week which I should attend but unfortunately two of them are tomorrow. Councillor James Hunt will no doubt miss me being at his People Overview and Scrutiny meeting but to be honest the Agenda looks to be unexciting and there is always the webcast to fall back on.

I shall go instead to the Crossrail Liaison Panel meeting which is only five minutes away to see what they have to say about yet another bad forecast of future line closures.


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