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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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30 August - It’s bin tax time again

BinsCan it really be a year since the streets of Bexley were strewn with unwanted garden waste bins while frantic residents had nowhere to put their food waste? Not really, because the problem has not really gone away. You don’t have to look far to find uncollected old style bins and broken food containers.

Bexley Council is gearing up to sting you for thirty odd quid again, £31·50 if you opt to pay by Direct Debit and if I have read their Press Release correctly.

I think its main message is that existing subscribers should sit back and do nothing until the Council contacts them.

Will their IT system be up to the job this year? The Press Release says that most people have a renewal date of 5th October and the reminder will be issued six weeks beforehand - which means they should have had it last week. So where is mine?



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