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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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24 August (Part 3) - It turned around and bit them on the bum

At the weekend I discovered Bexley Council’s list of answered FOIs. One was featured here and showed that fly tipping incidents and the cost of dealing with them was well up over the past six years.

SofaBy contrast at a public meeting a month earlier Bexley Council had announced that fly tipping was not a big problem, certainly no worse since the various cuts to cleaning and recycling services were introduced.

Cabinet Member Don Massey didn’t think it was a problem either.

The blog was picked up by the Sidcup Community Group which circulated a variant of the blog to its members and the media.

The News Shopper published the SCG newsletter this morning where Councillors will read it, so completing the circle.

Bexley Council put two reports on its website (the FOI list and the Webcast) and is rewarded with a critical letter in the local newspaper. They shouldn’t try to mislead the public. Everyone can see the rubbish anyway.

News Shopper
If Bexley Council decides to argue the toss over this one, my guess is that they will say the two sets of figures are gathered in different ways. Moving the goal posts is always a good plan for those seeking to dodge the issues.

I wonder how many News Shopper readers will be puzzled by the initials BiB?


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