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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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24 August (Part 1) - An accident waiting to happen

If the Council doesn’t illuminate traffic islands there is a chance it will cause an accident. Just a week after the first anniversary of the unlit Keep Left signs in Abbey Road, Belvedere, someone has collided with the island 150 metres further east.

I have no idea when the accident took place except that it must have been early this morning and probably illumination played no part in this mishap. The road design may have done though.

When the width of Abbey Road was halved in 2009 my son was head of the department at the Transport Research Laboratory which issued the guidance on narrowing roads which Bexley Council falsely told me they had followed. It was another Bexley Council lie which except for the coincidence with odds of lottery winning proportions they would have got away with.

My son told me that narrowing roads was inherently dangerous as it increased the prospect of head on collisions and offered drivers less recovery time. Obvious really.

Narrowing, if it was essential, had to be done very carefully according to published guidance - which Bexley ignored.

It’s very hard to work out how someone could take out a road sign while avoiding the plastic Keep Lefts either side of it.
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