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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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21 August (Part 2) - New Lesnes Abbey Visitor Centre nears completion while Abbey Wood station gets a new Platform 2

LesnesSignificant progress has been made around the Lesnes Abbey Visitor Centre this week; paths and landscaping around the new grass topped building have become very visible.

Meanwhile just along the road Network Rail appears to have coasted through the last two weeks as if they were running ahead of schedule before their big day tomorrow when the new Platform 2 opens.

No doubt there have been a lot of essential tidying up jobs to do before the first train comes through in the morning - and if it is late there will be seats!

The Dartford bound track was shuffled across very easily yesterday morning in under three hours leaving the rest of the weekend available for completing all the electrical connections and the signalling to be thoroughly checked through to the main centre in Ashford.

I heard the track tamper go by at four o’clock this morning but I couldn’t be bothered to leave my bed and get out with the camera. I suspect I shall feel the same when the first train wakes me up tomorrow.

With the Crossrail project passing this major milestone I suspect there will be fewer Crossrail pictures on BiB in future. There will be only one place from which it will be possible to get a high level view of the next stage of the track work and if the planned sound barrier between the North Kent line and Crossrail goes in sooner rather than later there will be no Platform level viewpoint either.

What will I do for exercise when there is no longer any reason to walk down to Abbey Wood?
Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes
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