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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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20 August (Part 1) - They wanted the pub to close, now they are not so sure

Charlotte Over the past 24 hours several people have reported that the Charlotte public house in Crayford which was put up for sale some time ago is to become some sort of refuge or hostel for sex offenders. No one has provided any evidence that it might be true.

It would appear that the story was posted anonymously - never a good sign - on Facebook and was shared by a large number of people alarmed at the prospect of a Crayford full of marauding rapists looking for victims. One of my contacts lives very close to the pub and can occasionally be found inside it and it is all news to him. His information is that the pub will close at the end of the month and converted to flats. It’s only what the barman told him but it is also what the Lucia-Hennis’s (the licensees) are suggesting.

The pub was famously managed by Councillor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis and her husband but they have always said it was owned by the brewery who will presumably decide what they would like to do with it. Bexley Council could buy it, they have been bidding for property recently, but I would doubt an offenders’ hostel would be looked on favourably in a Tory area.

Charlotte Charlotte
MasseyOn the other hand the Charlotte is not a total stranger to sex related offences. When she was Mayor, Councillor Sharon Massey used it to host a charity strip show. Totally contrary to the terms of the pub’s licence but when has upholding the law been a concern for the inner circle on Bexley Council?

It’s not impossible that Bexley Council buys the Charlotte but the Facebook and Streetlife stories appear to be nothing but rumour for which no one has provided any evidence. It has a single common source; someone so confident of it that they choose to remain anonymous.


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