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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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18 August (Part 2) - Bexley Council hopes to make money from dog mess

The last Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting revealed that Bexley Council would begin a trial of instant litter fines from next October. What nobody bothered to say was that the same contract will cover dog fouling.

In principle it seems a good idea although dog poo is not a problem I often see in my neck of the woods, not south of the railway line anyway, it seems to be different on the Thamesmead side of the tracks. Fly tipping and litter is a different matter entirely.

Over the past few fine days the picnickers have been out in force in Lesnes Abbey Park and yesterday there was a vast about of litter strewn all over the place. Tin cans, sandwich boxes and crisp packets everywhere. Far too widely spread for a decent photograph unfortunately.

Bexley Council says it will continue with the trial only if it proves to be financially sustainable. That is, it can be run at a profit. Logically, if the service is successful at eradicating dog mess from our streets it will be abandoned.

Maybe that is what happened the last time Bexley Council dipped its nose into dog poo. Almost nobody was caught and the then Cabinet Member Gareth Bacon said it was not value for money. So he cancelled the warden contract and allegedly saved £15,000.

The fines have been set at £80 for litter, £50 for dogs and up to £400 for fly tipping.


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