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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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14 August - War on motorists extended

Central AvenueIt was easy to predict; who would a cash strapped council look to first to pay for their past mistakes? Motorists of course. Even Cabinet Member Alex Sawyer says they get a raw deal. Ironically he is in charge of Traffic and Transport.

Bexley Council took the power to penalise motorists for minor traffic transgressions, U turns and the like, a year ago. They published a list of 246 locations where they hoped to catch you out and help plug a hole in their finances.

A reader sent me a note of a new location where a moment’s inattention might cost you money, it is not one on the aforesaid published list.

If you know of more please get in touch.

When did an impoverished council decide it was OK to use public money to install CCTV at an entrapment site in Welling where buses stop for no obvious reason and without signalling and then leave you stuck in a box to be fined!

Bexley Council is using a poorly placed box at the junction of Central Avenue and Stephenson Close to make as much money as they can.

Well that is the name of their game. Stealth taxes and making money. (Note: There are two boxes in Central Avenue, one on each side of the railway bridge.)

Central Way Central WayBexley Council has no money to restore the Belvedere Splash Park and modified the consultant’s report in order to better justify their decision to close it. (Alex Sawyer again in an earlier role.) It has agreed to sell four parks and ignored four thousand dissenters and will soon sell six more.

It can no longer afford to monitor the borough’s CCTV system leaving criminals to go about their business unseen and roads are left unswept and the verges uncut. However it can afford to spend an average of £30,000 a junction (figure from Barnet Council) on waging war on motorists.

The Council’s excuse is that it will “Improve traffic movement and road safety”.

Unlike the entrapment site at the end of Upton Road which can only wreck the free movement of traffic, the one in Central Avenue may help when the station car park is in frequent use. But improving safety? No way. Perhaps someone should submit an FOI to see how many KSI accidents (Killed or Seriously Injured) there have been in Central Way, Welling in the past five years.


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