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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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9 August - What Mr. Belvedere asked Mr. Rochester

Rubbish RubbishThe north of the borough has become a bit of a tip, maybe it is just Belvedere and Abbey Wood which are as far as you can get from the two part time recycling centres. Streetlife is full of adverse comment.

Bexley’s food waste bins which are too frequently opened by foxes are also being blamed for a plague of bluebottles. I had noticed them too but I have no need of a food bin so I don’t know where they are coming from.

Informal observation of Bexley’s rubbish problem suggests that the Conservative claim that the situation is not getting worse is ludicrous. At April’s Council meeting Councillor Daniel Francis tried to get Cabinet Member Don Massey to offer an opinion on the state of Belvedere.

Don Massey dodged the issue by referring only to Bexley and he probably used the name literally meaning the village where he lived until buzzing off to Rochester.


New machinery is not going to help remove black sacks is it? What will it do, pressure wash the gutters?


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