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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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6 August - Missing a trick?

Everything is exceptionally quiet on the Bexley front, the Councillors are on their holidays, no meetings this month and nothing significant until 11th October, but some things never change. Mick Barnbrook has submitted another Freedom of Information request about Bexley’s Head of Legal’s apparent lack of qualifications. Neither the Law Society, the Bar Council nor Bexley Council has been able to come up with anything at all. It may make another embarrassing blog when Bexley Council comes up with its next excuse for refusing to answer.

Camden Road Camden RoadAnother of BiB’s regular correspondents, Elwyn Bryant, sent me a picture of what was the Deputy Council Leaderְ’s house in Camden Road, Bexley. Not the current Deputy Leader, nor even the previous one, but Colin Campbell who moved out of the borough just before the 2014 election and made no secret of it, unlike the two Masseys.

Not that Colin Campbell was a saint. Immediately after Councillor Cheryl Bacon made a great fuss over an attempt to audio record a meeting, excluded every member of the public present from her meeting, and then had to lie to cover her mistake, Colin Cambell was asked to ride to her rescue.

Campbell, who wasn’t at Bacon’s meeting, was sent off to lie on her behalf on BBC TV. Not a single word he said was true and the recording of his performance is part of the evidence now with the CPS as part of the Misconduct allegation against Bacon and Co. Why Mick Barnbrook didn’t add Campbell to the list of accused I have no idea, but he didn’t.

Campbell had a reputation, not a good one, as a businessman but maybe he missed a trick with his house sale. 25 Camden Road was for sale for £875,000 in July 2012 and the Land Registry records that it changed hands the following January for £780,000. There was never any sign of occupation but a Planning Application went in to Bexley Council on 30th January 2015.

That’s one massive extension on what was already a fair sized house. Someone will probably make a great deal of money.


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