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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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3 August - Playing catch up

As stated several times before. some bits of news sent in by readers doesn’t by itself make a blog so here’s a list of one liners, or very nearly so.

The Charlotte Public House, Crayford
The Charlotte where Councillor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis used to pull the occasional pint is no longer run by her or her husband. Councillor Sharon Massey will have to go somewhere else now when she feels the urge to see an unlicensed strip show.

The Harrow Inn, Abbey Wood
Six years - or is it seven? - after the Harrow Inn was demolished the eyesore has been fenced off by its new owner, Peabody Housing Association.

I’m not sure it looks an awful lot better than before. Maybe the old fence will be taken down eventually.
Harrow Inn

Recycling Services
RubbishA couple of weeks ago Hugh Neal (Arhur Pewty’s Maggot Sandwich) published a short note I had written to him about how I thought Bexley’s refuse services worked; in particular an explanation of how different materials are kept separate in the lorries they bought last year.

Several people said I was talking rot again, the vehicles might have two compartments but I am assured that materials carefully separated by residents are in practice mixed into a single container by the collector and then dumped into just one of the lorry receptacles. The crew of VO15 ZGE was doing exactly that last Monday morning.

I suppose it’s another feature of the savage cuts but a few days after I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner on 24th June and it was clear it wouldn’t have to go back for any reason I took the box to the nearest recycling centre. It was full to overflowing (see Photo) and wasn’t emptied until 22nd July by which time it was in a somewhat worse state.

Danson House Tea Room
Someone who was an occasional patron of the Danson House Tea Room found it closed. Bexley Council’s Contact Centre knew nothing about it. Perhaps Bexley Council should encourage its staff to read BiB instead of blocking access. for the closure notice.

Dream on!
Another reader told me about West Dorset District Council which summoned several of its own members to Court for not paying their Council Tax. As he says, not something you would expect of Bexley Council.

Wilton Road regeneration
Wilton Road Wilton Road Wilton RoadAt last the signs of progress are accelerating in Wilton Road.

In my capacity of Secretary to the Traders’ Association I heard that one store was closed by the contractors for most of one day while they worked which is surely the last thing they need.

Bexley is Bonkers
A Councillor kindly brought this webpage to my attention.

I didn’t like to tell him because I wouldn’t want to discourage Councillor contributions, but it is three year old news.

Londonist seems to be repeating itself.

Absent friends
HouseCouncillors Sharon and Don Massey’s recent activities would appear to have made them fair game for everyone. A bundle of pictures arrived recently which the sender claims were taken from afar of them outside their new Taylor Wimpey house in Rochester. The photos certainly look authentic.

If nothing else they provide further proof that the Masseys no longer regard Bexley as home. Why is Don Massey still in charge of cutting our services?

The worse for wear?
Booze I’ve long been of the opinion that Bexley’s Council Leader is a divisive character with an increasing number of Councillors inclined to despise her for her devious ways. I assume someone must have far bigger bones to pick with her than I do when an extremely unflattering picture arrives from one of her so called friends. Alcohol is the main feature, an excess of it looks likely.

I might think her friends are being more than a little mean spirited to have sent it but then I remember that this is the woman who asked the police to arrest me for “criticising Councillors” and all sympathy evaporates. That act of arrogant stupidity helped ensure that BiB continued far longer than it might have done otherwise.


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