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Bonkers Blog April 2016

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30 April - The Nail Tax explained

Thanks to the efforts of a lady who prefers to remain anonymous, how Bexley Council managed to slip its latest stealth tax under the radar is now a little clearer.

The issue was first discussed at a Licensing Committee meeting in January and the fees were fixed two months later.

The Committee put in a report to Council for their 2nd March meeting but it was not discussed there, I know I was there, neither is it specifically mentioned in the Agenda of that meeting. Bexley Council simply voted to accept the Licence Committee’s report - blind.

This is how democracy works in Bexley.

As a result of the blind vote a notice was slipped into the News Shopper which does not go to everyone and few will have looked at the Legal Notices.
Legal Notice
So that is how the latest stealth tax slipped under the radar.

Here’s the current charges.
Council’s explanatory web page.


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