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Bonkers Blog April 2016

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25 April (Part 3) - I caught one at last

A candidate for London Mayor that is. They have all been choosing to go to Old Farm Park far too early in the morning and it’s not an easy journey before nine o’clock. In any case, for me, the only real advantage of going there in person is that I do not have to steal someone else’s photograph to illustrate it.

Peter Whittle the UKIP Candidate made his trip there this morning and again I didn’t, however here’s a stolen photo of the event. I’m sure Mr. Whittle will have promised to save the park, but even Zac Goldsmith (Conservative) has a plan to save it but in reality it is his party that wishes to erase it from the face of the earth.
Unlike the Labour and Conservative candidates, the UKIP man took himself off to Bexleyheath afterwards where UKIP had a stall pushing Brexit leaflets. It seemed to me that upwards of 80% of passers by were simply not interested in the European Referendum. The most important decision in more than forty years and nobody cares. Unbelievable.

Just as I was about to speak to the man himself, ITN whisked him off for an interview. I’ve been told that you could just get a glimpse of my camera case in one shot on this evening’s London ITV News.

Here’s an extract from one of UKIP’s leaflets. Click on it to see more of it.
I suspect it will be worse than that and Britain will be punished if the Europeans think we are trapped for another 40 years. And can there be a better way of giving David Cameron a bloody nose than an out vote?


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