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Bonkers Blog April 2016

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23 April (Part 2) - Teresa O’Neill’s plan hits the buffers

I spent too long today walking around the local Crossrail sites (sights?) to have time for a proper Part 2 but while peering over the fence at the developing Abbey Wood station I was tapped on the shoulder by Network Rail’s Civil Engineer. I think he is number three in the local hierarchy. Just for once he wasn’t trying to convince me I would get better pictures if I used a Nikon camera and I asked him about the extensive ironwork and concrete being installed below.

Crossrail Crossrail“That’ll be for the northern support wall”, I said. “Yes” came the reply. “So there’s absolutely no way you could get a second Crossrail track through to the flyover and beyond?” “No” he said, looking at me strangely because we have discussed all this before. “The second track will hit the buffers there and can’t go any further.”

“So no dedicated Crossrail track down to Ebbsfleet then?” He laughed. “Not in your lifetime, not for at least ten years after opening anyway”.

I’d guess he didn’t like the idea of his pride and joy being half demolished soon after completion.

I asked because at the last Council meeting, and not for the first time, Council Leader Teresa O’Neill was telling us this…

From the Leader’s report to Council. 20th April 2016.


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