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Bonkers Blog April 2016

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20 April (Part 1) - History repeating itself?

SidcupI am in almost total ignorance of the GLA elections and they are only two weeks away.

There have been a couple of leaflets from the Conservative and Labour contenders for Mayor through the letterbox but nothing from any other party. Nothing about any prospective GLA member either. If it wasn’t for the fact I watch local political developments fairly closely I would not know that Bexley Councillor Gareth Bacon is in the running for the GLA. Anyone who votes for a candidate whose only interest in politics is making money out of it needs their head testing.

After reading yesterday’s News Shopper on line my opinion of Zac Goldsmith took a further dive, I didn’t think that was possible after I heard him say more than once on the radio that he plans to increase taxes on motorists. What is the point of a Conservative who believes that more taxation is the answer to everything?

However if the News Shopper is to be believed Zac Goldsmith appears to have gone right off his head. He says that a million pounds should be given to Sidcup for improving the shop fronts, put in a few trees and reducing the number of empty shop premises.

Wasn’t that done in 2014? Bexley Council has bragged at public meetings that spending £1·8 million in Sidcup and disrupting the high street from January to November miraculously improved trade and that the number of empty shops plummeted. Who can you believe?

If Zac Goldsmith thinks another million needs to be sent on Sidcup, does that mean that Bexley Council has lied about the success of the 2014 regeneration? And why does all this money have to be spent in the south again? Abbey Wood got a measly £300,000 and the council stole back a third of it in fees.


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