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Bonkers Blog April 2016

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17 April (Part 3) - Abbey Wood station is changing fast

Crosrail CrossrailThe main development at Abbey Wood station over the past two weeks is that it now only has one entrance and the disabled and the buggy pushers are sent on a half mile hike. The situation will continue for at least 20 months.

The construction work has consisted of more of the same. The old Platform 1 has finally gone, lots of concrete has been pumped into various holes in the ground and today more support columns have been erected to hold up the high level booking hall.

One of the new concrete lined cavities is said to be for the escalator motors but I see no corresponding hole on the southern side. Is Crossrail going to be better equipped than the North Kent line? My informant suggested that is indeed the case but some of the design detail provided informally in the past has proved to be wrong, so as always, time will tell.

Maybe I can find the answer at next week’s Liaison Panel meeting.


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