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News and Comment April 2016

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5 April (Part 2) - Piling on

If one can believe what one reads on Social Media, Bexley Council came to the same conclusion as I did about the Leather Bottle site; the excavations looked to be verging on the dangerous and ordered some piling to be put in place to stabilise the newly created cliff.

I’m not sure how true this is because the piles and machinery were on site before Bexley Council revisited the scene, but maybe the extent of it is greater than originally intended.

What seems to be beyond doubt is that no planning laws have been broken but possibly the tree removal has encroached on the green belt. Heavy rain has washed quite a lot of soil into the track that runs behind the adjacent Kingswood Avenue but if anyone should be worried it’s the owners of property further up the hill.

Here’s a couple of pictures from this morning.
Leather Bottle
Leather Bottle


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