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Bonkers Blog April 2016

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4 April - It’s them and us

The story of the Sidcup lady accused of harassing Councillors Don and Sharon Massey and their noisy daughter has provoked an abnormal amount of correspondence, all of it sympathetic to her situation. These Councillors cannot be as intelligent as they think they are, abusing their positions is never going to win them any friends.

One correspondent who asks for “the strongest possible support” to be passed on reminds me that when Sharon Massey was Mayor she elbowed him out of the way with the immortal words “VIPs coming through”. It’s the same attitude that demands that dustmen should offer a special service for Councillors.

Another says the saga is “better than East Enders”. (I wouldn’t know, I quit the habit in 2002.)

More helpfully, yet another email suggests asking the police to give full details of the complaint that the Masseys made. How else can the alleged harassment be ended if no one knows what they are supposed to have done wrong? This website has some useful information on the subject.

CharlotteWhat could the Massey’s complaint actually have said? Whatever it was it is unlikely to be truthful because all the deafened neighbour appears to have done is phone 101 for advice and the police volunteered to pop round. I think it is much more likely that the Masseys’ real complaint is that the story found its way to Bonkers. On the other hand the police said “it’s not about the blog”.

I was away all weekend but I checked the front door CCTV recordings. No police visits unless one turned up in jeans and a baseball cap and left within a second or two without reaching for the bell push. No idea who he was.

In less serious vein, it would appear that Mrs. Massey is no longer able to indulge her taste for male strippers. Not exactly new news but it’s the first time someone has had the foresight to send a photo of Councillor Lucia-Hennis’s Charlotte pub with the shutters down. Maybe the closure has put poor Sharon in a bad mood.


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