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Bonkers Blog April 2016

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3 April (Part 2) - It would appear that Bexley Police are still primarily agents of their Council masters

Twitter37 Larch Grove is not the sort of house that you would expect the Masseys to be living in. Their last house sold for more than £600,000 in November 2014.

My exchange of emails with the lady who has the misfortune to live next door to the small terraced house rented by Councillors Don and Sharon Massey included the following…

Good morning,

Due to the stomping heavily up and down the stairs late last night and doors slamming I think it’s clear to say Mrs. Massey is not happy! Assuming she read the blog.

I replied as follows…

“You were very brave to go public with your problem. Bexley Council will play dirty if it can. Be careful where you park your car!

Councillors who talk to me say that the others claim never to read BiB but always seem to know what has been put on it. One said said that in an email only a few days ago.

The news would have got to the Masseys quick enough. I once had a councillor phone me at home to complain that a report didn’t adequately reflect what he had said within ten minutes of it going on line.”

Back came the following…

Hello Malcolm,

I had a visit this morning from two police officers as Mr. or Mrs. Massey have made a complaint against myself and my daughter of harassment against their daughter.

The police said they were impartial, to diffuse the situation, but in my opinion, they weren’t. They had a printed version of your blog and continued to ask me about it. They asked if I said it and I said yes. Why? It’s all true!!!

They said it was about the blog, asking loads, then later they said no it’s not about the blog.

It was the strangest visit; they weren’t really specific. I’m not sure really why they came. But it doesn’t worry me I’m not going to be bullied by anyone!

When I spoke with Mr. Massey I told him I had videos of everything that’s gone on and that I was recording this chat. The police asked to see all the videos but I said they couldn’t.

If and when I need to use them. I will.

I offered them tea! They declined and left.

Well it’s only to be expected. Bexley Council has learned nothing since the last time they made fools of themselves. The police probably felt uncomfortable, doing what they were told and not what they knew to be right.

Let’s hope that Bexley Police have learned something about the law on Harassment though. When I had one of their warning letters they broke every rule in their own rule book and the Independent Police Complaints Commission had to tell them to back off.

The neighbour should keep a diary of the comings and goings at 37 Larch Grove. Perhaps the Masseys would do well to stay in Maidstone.


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