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Bonkers Blog April 2016

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1 April (Part 2) - Be afraid. Bexley Council is interested only in money

Nature ReserveThere was perhaps not a lot of notice but those who do not wish to see Cory Environmental build four storey structures on ground associated with the Crossness Nature Reserve were out in force this morning to show their solidarity over the issue. I counted more than 50 people many equipped with cameras and binoculars to ‘capture’ the wildlife flying overhead. I was assured that the bird song was that of skylarks.

It was a beautiful morning with interesting views all around. The river could not be seen from ground level but the superstructure of large vessels passing by could be; it is well worth a visit although whether the access points are always open I do not know.

Most of what you need to know about Cory’s planning application may be seen on the Bexley Wildlife website. I was assured that there were downloadable forms there on which residents can submit objections. If I ever find it I will add the link.

Destruction of green spaces such as this is the direct result of the Conservative government’s decision to starve local authorities of funds. As a result Bexley Council is keen to see the borough concreted over in order to raise more Business Rates, Council Taxes and Community Infrastructure Levies. Every spare scrap of land is under threat.

It has shown no sign of being sympathetic to the needs of people or rare birds. Some that inhabit the area are to be found in no more than three or four other sites in the UK.

The development is recommended for approval and goes before the Planning Committee on 15th May. Be there.

Nature Reserve Nature Reserve Nature Reserve Nature Reserve


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