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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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30 September (Part 2) - Twitter trouble

I got into trouble on Twitter a week ago - it’s surprising it doesn’t happen more often - and it was because I made public my own ‘private’ thoughts. I was under the misapprehension that that was what blogs were all about but it was not appreciated by everybody.

News ShopperThe issue in question was the succession of letters published in local newspapers and written by the former Conservative candidate for Erith & Thamesmead, Anna Firth. It seemed to me they crossed the line that divides statements of  policy from concerted negative campaigns verging on personal attacks, in this case against the sitting MP. However I don’t particularly want to rake all that up again. Others might read the letters and come to another conclusion.

This week there was another letter from Anna Firth in the News Shopper. There’s nothing in it that wasn’t in last week’s Bexley Times but it has been severely edited to remove the contentious. Whoever did it did a fine job. Not a word of the revised letter strays from the facts - as they have been widely reported - although some might dispute the conclusion.

I am going to credit the editor of the News Shopper with a fine example of his art - until I learn otherwise anyway.

Probably Ms. Firth is right to be worried about Jeremy Corbyn, he seems like a decent straight talking bloke to me. Qualities like that to modern Conservatives are what garlic and sunlight are to Count Dracula. He could be an attractive proposition to those not old enough to have lived through policies such as his.

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