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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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28 September - Tales from the Inbox

Some days Bexley news dries up, especially after more than two months without a significant council meeting to report. It is tempting to comment on national politics but the way I feel about them all, to speak my mind would risk upsetting all shades of opinion; so it’s time to fall back on the weekend postbag.

The number of emails about the bin tax and related issues has reduced from its peak. Few are happy, well none actually, otherwise readers wouldn’t be sending emails. A big concern would appear to be free riders using the paid for bins. It’s inevitable, it happened when there was no charge.

The distribution of food caddies is very haphazard, just a couple of minutes walk from home they have been in use a week or more but no one nearer has one. I am assured that the situation is not unique.

On another subject one resident emailed every councillor but got no reply (Labour) or a standard dismissive reply (Conservative). UKIP councillors came out best, one even putting in a personal appearance.

The sale of parks, failure to replace street trees and air pollution have all been linked together. It was alleged that Bexley may well have, for now at least, plenty of green spaces but only one London borough had a street tree density lower than Bexley. A statistic provided without any link unfortunately but which does appear to be correct or nearly so. (Check the Appendices.)

Another target for resident complaints is the weak bridge in Bexley. Here the lack of councillor response is universal and extends to them doing a runner at public meetings. Listening to you, working for you.

Litter bins not being emptied regularly has been noticed.

Councillors have been saying at public meetings that there has been no decision to switch off street lights. I suppose this is true in the sense that no decision has been taken to sell any parks or permanently close the Splash Park yet either, but it’s most likely more weasel words.

Should I mention the email which provided lurid details of the two council officers caught having sex in the Watling Street toilets and it was allegedly accepted as just one of those things? Probably not, but literally Bexley council Bonkers. They must have been quite senior to get away with it.


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