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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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25 September (Part 1) - Beware a woman scorned - by the electorate

Spiteful bitchingThere can be little doubt now that the evil influence of councillor Philip Read has rubbed off on the failed General Election candidate Anna Firth. I’m afraid that when I read her letter in this week’s Bexley Times I couldn’t suppress two words silently leaving my lips. Spiteful and Bitch.

The letter concerns itself with the new Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and recommends that Bexley’s Labour politicians should distance themselves from him, the SB (Sevenoaks Blabbermouth) having forgotten that all of them campaigned for other candidates.

Long term readers will be able to guess how I might regard Jeremy Corbyn although I confess to having found his election rather amusing. He has achieved the near impossible in my eyes, a potential Prime Minister who makes David Cameron look half sensible.

Appointing vegans to shadow farming and pacifists with defence responsibilities is pretty damn silly but Teresa Pearce on the housing team (†) is quite the reverse. Anna Firth has shown no concern for the homeless in Erith & Thamesmead but for Teresa their plight is never far from her mind. Innumerable email conversations with Teresa Pearce have finished up with concern for the homeless. Mrs. Firth’s ambitions have rarely risen above black sacks.

Anna Firth knows very little about Erith & Thamesmead. Ironically she must have no idea that the Bexley Times is not distributed in the north of the borough. When I get a paper copy it comes from a distribution point in Bromley! BiB probably reaches more E&T voters than the Bexley Times does.

† The appointment carries no extra pay or allowances.


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