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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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23 September (Part 2) - Bourne again

Today could have been better. It started with an early morning appointment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital so I had to pay for the rail fare, something only South East London Freedom Pass holders have to do.

After waiting for very nearly an hour I was told I would need to see a consultant. First available appointment, 2nd March 2016.

It had been suggested by a regular Bonkers contributor that I revisit Crayford as massive inconvenience is still being caused by the closure of Bourne Road so I hitched a lift to Crook Log and took a 96 bus from there to the site of the road works.

Yesterday evening was spent in the company of a bus driver and I happened to say that I find 99 bus drivers out of 100 to be very considerate to passengers, far more so than ten to fifteen years ago when too many took delight in driving past stops while looking the other way. It was almost inevitable that fate had been tempted and I would soon encounter the odd man out. And I have.

Bus stop Bus stop Bus numberThe bus stop nearest to the Bourne Road chaos was disrupted by temporary traffic lights (Photo 1) and as the bus approached they turned red and as the bus slowed to a standstill I rang the bell.

The driver ignored me.

I went forward and asked why the door wasn’t being opened when the bus was stopped close to the kerb at a bus stop. The driver said I had rung the bell a bit late.

This was true, but the bus was obviously stopping and the bell was intended to draw the driver’s attention to a request to open the door once he had come to a standstill. The bus was still stopped at the bus stop after I had taken the photographs and returned towards my seat.

So in case you meet this surly individual on your travels, here's a reminder of what he looks like. Click Photo 2 for a really good look.

The troubles didn’t end there. I took the following four photos of the continuing rearrangements at the Bourne Road/London Road junction in Crayford.

Bourne Road Bourne Road Bourne Road Bourne Road
As I left the scene a Conway man approached me and asked me to delete the photos. I asked why I should and he said I had taken one which included him. To be honest I didn’t know, it was quite difficult enough to find a spot where there was both a good view and little chance of being run down by bad tempered 96 bus drivers before worrying about who might be appearing it.

Conway manI showed him the only image that included anyone but refused his demands. I rather wish I had deleted it now to keep him happy. The camera has two memory cards and records everything twice as a back up facility. Actually it would transmit the image to my mobile phone if I could be bothered to set it up completely, but that has always seemed like a complication too far.

Back to the road works. I’ve lost count of how many weeks they have been going on. More than three months according to my correspondent. Bexley council’s website is as informative as ever but reveals that the scheme was approved last April and is due for completion next week.

I cannot see how the end result is going to improve matters. It’s just another jam inducing T junction as it was before. Another 96 bus ride will have to be put on October’s agenda.


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