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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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17 September (Part 1) - Who said that then?

I've usually looked at the News Shopper on line by eight o’clock on a Wednesday morning but yesterday their Pagesuite software displayed a problem. There was only a single advertisement page available for most of the day. It was midnight before I got to look at this week’s edition and Page 5’s item about Erith & Thamesmead’s Conservative General Election candidate Anna Firth.

News ShopperCouncilor Alex Sawyer gave up the chairmanship of the Erith & Thamesmead Conservative Association just before last May’s Election and was eventually replaced by councillor for Crayford John Davey to whom we should all be grateful, because he is the man who named this website.

The Bonkers description of Bexley council, well its roads policy to be absolutely correct, came from him. I doubt that makes him a popular man within Bexley council but he does at least appear to be a BiB reader.

The E&TCA has recently adopted Anna Firth as ‘spokesman’ which is probably code for “we’ll adopt her as our candidate again in 2020 if she has not had a better offer by then”.

The News Shopper quotes John Davey as saying “Anna’s campaign was widely praised by local and regional media and was describes as ‘magnificent’ by local observers”. It sounded familiar.

On the day after the election I wrote “For me in the Erith & Thamesmead constituency the big surprise was that Teresa Pearce increased her share of the vote by 5% and the Conservatives dropped 4% even after Anna Firth put up a magnificent fight”.

Whilst I have been disappointed by Anna Firth and the Conservative Party nationally since then I do not regret my words. Anna Firth’s campaign was always energetic and attention grabbing, if occasionally something of a roller coaster ride. Unfortunately for her, Teresa Pearce’s must have been strategically cleverer. She pulled in all her core vote even more successfully than in 2010.

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