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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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15 September (Part 2) - We’ll be back

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the day when the first few pages of Bexley is Bonkers limped nervously on to the web. It was not my intention to create a blog, the object was simply to publish some correspondence which exposed the extent of Bexley council’s willingness to lie its way out of trouble.

If I had known what it would lead to I might have had second thoughts but it would seem that I was not alone in being a recipient of council lies and there has been a steady stream of stories to report ever since.

Keeping up with it all has sometimes been difficult and normal life has suffered to some extent and a bit of help would have been welcome, but that isn’t very practical.

Last July the BiB Facebook account was abandoned as a waste of my time. I never could understand how it was supposed to work. How is it that I can just about handle what has become increasingly complex web coding and cannot get my head around what every teenager can do on a mobile? Now there’s another bit of mystery technology.

The Facebook decision came in for criticism and I was told it was a lost opportunity. Today I have handed it over to a long term Bonkers reader who will try to get to grips with it on my behalf. Does the lady know what she is letting herself in for?

UKIPAnother long term reader who could conceivably save me some time is Mick Barnbrook. In ten days time he will move out of the borough. That should cause much rejoicing in Watling Street but it would be misplaced. He has lots of reasons to retain his Bexley contacts and intends to continue to attend Bexley council meetings, although perhaps not the Audit Committee meeting on the 24th.

No longer will we be able to enjoy the spectacle of a councillor refusing to answer Mick’s legitimate question on the grounds that Mick has over the years spread his political allegiances over too many parties. Questions are for residents only.

I wonder how Mick will like living under a UKIP council? The one party against which he has never made a criminal allegation and the one party that refuses to have him as a member.

Finally just a quick site note. While out photographing Crossrail developments I have quite often been asked if the pictures may be seen on the web. Spelling out bexley is bonkers dot co dot uk slash indices slash crossrail dot php is one hell of a mouthful and then it has to be explained that bexley is bonkers must be hyphenated. So as from today (no hyphens) is all that is needed to get to the Crossrail Index.

That should make the question easier to answer when next I am on a windswept station platform.

Note: has also worked for some time and will continue to do so.


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