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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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13 September (Part 2) - A walk from Lesnes Abbey to Southmere Lake

The information provided at the last Lesnes Abbey event which suggested the builders would be back on the site of the new visitors’ centre by last week proved to be optimistic. Except for where some artefacts were discovered just below the surface, the site still looks much the same as it did last January. (Photo 1.)

Another long delayed project is at the Southmere Lake end of the Green Chain Walk. It was supposed to be completed last May and still looks to be several weeks away from completion.

However it is no ordinary makeover and Peabody is trying very hard to make it rather spectacular with some sort of terraced arena overlooking the lake. The fear as always in Thamesmead is vandalism. If there was none I would not have been able to gain access to take the photographs.
Lesnes Abbey Green Chain Broadway Broadway
There have been no North Kent line trains this weekend and it is difficult to see any justification for it. There have been a few men moving track ballast from one place to another but nothing remarkable as on some recent weekends. The photographs are in what has now become the usual place for Crossrail pictures.


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