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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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13 September (Part 1) - Back to work, probably

Bexley council drifts back to work this week. It doesn’t really get down to business until Public Cabinet on 13th October but next Tuesday sees a General Purposes committee meeting - or maybe it won’t.

BexleyIt’s a legal requirement that the agenda for public meetings is published a week before the event and as of today, none is available.

Click the image to check for yourself. Quickly before they fix it.

Last time that happened Mick Barnbrook and co. forced the council to postpone the meeting. I doubt that will happen this time, not that Mick has gone soft or anything, but he currently has no computer and won’t know.

It is by my side right now being fixed. He tried to install Windows 10 on it and it objected big time.

Is there anything in Windows 10 that anyone with Windows 7 would want?


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