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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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10 September (Part 1) - Sow’s ear to silk purse

Abbey ArmsThe transformation of Wilton Road, or Abbey Wood village as I have heard it called, will not be easy, and £300,000 will not go far. The new owner of the Abbey Arms is making an effort, the scaffolding has gone and the painter was putting the finishing touches to the door frame this morning.

Some attractive noticeboards now adorn the facia and all that is needed now is a new hanging sign. Oh, and removal of the unsavoury looking characters that call it home.

Crossrail is progressing fast on so many fronts around Abbey Wood station that a weekends only update is barely enough to keep abreast of it.

Progress on the new platform, footbridge and foundations for the new station are shown separately.

There are also some new pictures of the Bostall Manorway footbridge installed almost three weeks ago as it is readied for use within the next three weeks. The old one is due for demolition on the 26th September.

Wilton Road


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