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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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9 September (Part 2) - Brum is Bonkers too

It’s not just in Bexley that the police and council leaders run a self-protection racket. (Maybe used to in Bexley’s case.)

Let me remind you of just three things. When Hugh Neal (Maggot Sandwich) blogged about Teresa O’Neill understanding nothing except perhaps pitchforks and flaming torches, and I reported his comments, only a few days elapsed before the police jumped at the Fat Controller’s command and threatened me with arrest for being “critical of councillors”.

At a later date I was also taken aside by the police and told I should no longer refer to the FC in those terms.

When councillor Peter Craske allowed someone to commit a crime via his internet connection, the police let eight months go by between tracing the crime to his address and going around to his place to seize his computer.

Read this and see the similarities. Police corruption is almost the norm.


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