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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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7 September (Part 1) - Welcome words on Will from Greenwich

A week ago I had to tell a journalist that I had no written confirmation from the police that Will Tuckley and Co. had been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service. He therefore said he had little option but to believe the lies put out by Bexley and Tower Hamlets councils that the case against Mr. Tuckley (plus councillor Cheryl Bacon and Legal Manager Lynn Tyler) was dropped last December.

Until last week what Greenwich police had said on the telephone had been quite sufficient. There had never been the slightest suspicion that they might be leading anyone up the garden path as Bexley police tried to do three years ago.

Peter Craske arrestedWhen councillor Peter Craske was under suspicion for a crime that (unknown to his victims at the time) had been traced to his home address, no Bexley police officer ever breathed a word about it.

They claimed it would prejudice any prosecution that might follow.

All we had to go on was the News Shopper and with all their proper journalists gone or relegated to interviewing celebrities there is little hope of local press coverage this time around.

However next time a journalist asks if I have it in writing that Will Tuckley has been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service I will be able to say yes.

Greenwich police caught up on their outstanding correspondence over the weekend.


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