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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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4 September (Part 1) - Tower Hamlets. A minor update

Yesterday’s early morning blog about Tower Hamlets contained an error.

It was reported that Tower Hamlets councillor Abjol Miah had circulated a difficult to understand email to his colleagues.

Tower Hamlets politics is complicated but as I understand it Abjol was a supporter of the disgraced mayor Lutfur Rahman and when he was ejected became an Independent but later defected to Labour.

I now realise that his email was not as confused as I at first thought. The copy I received had been annotated with the comments of A.N.Other before reaching me and in some places (not all) in an identical type face. The deciphered email was clearly in support of Will Tuckley’s appointment.

The email source asked me not to make it public so I won’t and the critical reference to it in yesterday’s blog has been removed.

In other developments a Freedom of Information Request and a Subject Access Request have been submitted, the aim being to discover what Bexley council said about Mick Barnbrook and me that could have persuaded Tower Hamlets council to call us Fascists.

I expect it will be refused on the grounds that the documents contain personal information about ourselves. Then it will go to the Information Commissioner.

As this saga shows every sign of rolling on ad-infinitum, it has been given it's own Blog Index, like all the other long running Bexley scandals.


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