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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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3 September (Part 3) - Tuckley Hamlets. The CPS reaches a decision

A third correspondent has been in touch to say he was present at last Wednesday’s meeting in Tower Hamlets and heard their Deputy Mayor Rachael Saunders refer to Bexley’s discredited Vexatious Fascist Blogger.

Being a forgiving sort of bloke I shall assume she was misinformed by the OBE (Outlandish Bogus Explanations). Apparently a confidential memo was circulated at the meeting which one can only assume was too libellous about Mick Barnbrook and maybe myself to be made public.

One of the Tower Hamlets councillors has circulated a message to his colleagues and it is so illiterate that I’m not absolutely sure whose side he is on. But he issues warnings about Bexley’s blogger.

Probably he is right to warn his colleagues but maybe not for the reasons he had in mind.

TuckleyThis morning I received another message from Greenwich police. Bexley council may well have told Tower Hamlets council that the case against Tuckley was dropped last December, which will be news to the councillors who were still being interviewed in March, but it is not true. Bexley council’s statements rarely are.

The news from Greenwich is that the Crown Prosecution Service has reached a decision on the Tuckley case.

They came to the conclusion that the case is far too serious to be treated as a run of the mill crime. The file, said to be among the biggest and most complex handled by Greenwich CID, was elevated to the CPS’s Special Review Case Lawyer on 28th August.

It looks like a case which will keep BiB busy for months. FOIs, Subject Access Requests and if the worst comes to the worst, an interview with the CPS and possibly a private prosecution.

It’s a shame that the press doesn't take any interest in the lies and corruption that runs through local politics. All in it together perhaps?


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