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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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3 September (Part 2) - The Brown Bin Tax

Bexley council has issued yet another Press Release, this time on their scheme to charge for collecting garden waste.

it may be calculated from that PR that Bexley council has so far taken in nearly £700,000 via their brown bin stealth tax. The number of people signing up is said to be 25,000 and the discount period has been extended to December but now it is only three pounds off instead of six.

BinThe changeover is not a cost free operation, everyone is to get a new kitchen waste caddy. They may not be very good caddies if Brian Barnett’s picture offers any clue.

The old bins are being withdrawn at a cost which may just about be covered by their scrap value but the biggest con of all is that by getting residents to separate their kitchen and garden waste, Bexley council will save £444,000 a year in processing costs. Their estimate.

Cutting the garden waste service will be a very big money spinner for Bexley council once the start up costs have been written off.


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