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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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3 September (Part 1) - Tower Hamlets. Twinned with Bexley

Two people who were at Tower Hamlets’ meeting to confirm the appointment of Will Tuckley as their Chief Executive have contacted me - and more than once - to say that the leader of their council, Rachael Saunders, dismissed the police investigation into Tuckley’s Misconduct as the ravings of a vexatious fascist blogger.

Although the discredited Tower Hamlets Commissioners have not bothered to reply to my email, Rachael Saunders to whom I had sent a copy did.

This is what she said…

Dear Mr Knight,

Thank you for your email and its clarifications, I have forwarded your email to the mayor, who led on this appointment process.

For what it is worth, what I said has been misreported. My comment about the politics of Mr Barnbroook was about him as the the original corresponder, not your blog. I note the further information about the BNP membership of Mr Barnbrook below.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Saunders

Rachael Saunders
Councillor for Mile End
Deputy Mayor

NewspaperThose who were there are adamant that Rachael Saunders uttered the F word too. Fascist.

However whilst Councillor Saunders denies referring to me, she admits that she made derogatory and untrue remarks about Mick Barnbrook, so the inevitable has happened.

Mick has filled in Tower Hamlet’s online complaints form. See it here.

Apart from Councillor Saunder’s brief response there has been a wall of silence set up around Tower Hamlets council.

The local newspaper editor did not respond to a complaint about her inaccurate report (extract above) and the Tower Hamlet’s Commissioners did not respond to Mick Barnbrook’s report or to mine, preferring instead to rely on the dishonesty of Bexley council.

Mick Barnbrook sent a complaint to the Communities Secretary, Greg Clark MP, and so did I. See below.

Dear Mr. Clark,

I wish to make a formal complaint against Sir Ken Knight, Max Caller, Chris Allison and Alan Wood, Commissioners appointed by you to oversee the appointment of Mr. Will Tuckley as Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets Council.

My complaint is that they failed to respond in any way whatsoever to my email dated 28th August in which I informed them of the police investigation into Will Tuckley, their chosen appointee as Chief Executive.

My report was absolutely true in every detail yet they ignored it after misguidedly proceeding on the basis of false information submitted by Bexley council and Mr. Tuckley.

My email is appended below.

Yours faithfully,


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