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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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30 October (Part 2) - Wandering wheelies

The brown bin fiasco shows little sign of abating. True the anti letters in this week’s News Shopper were down from four to one but Streetlife is still kept busy by victims of Bexley’s incompetence.
I have been very lucky, an early subscriber (10th June) to the service, my new bin was delivered on 11th September and I’ve not missed a collection.

Until yesterday, the old bin I had been using - strictly speaking it was my neighbour’s but he does no gardening at all - was parked outside my house, unwanted as it has been for almost two months. There were no more nearby but there were lots a bit further along the street. Those shown above are the same as those shown a week ago except they are now a threesome.

Yesterday I returned home from an all day trip north of the river and it was obvious that some of the bins had been moved while I was away. Mine had disappeared entirely. More worrying so had the new one which is usually stored in the front garden some 25 feet from the road and totally hidden from view.

I found it not too far from home but it is a mystery that it had decided to take a walk. And it is not the first time.

Last Friday was a collection day and my bin disappeared entirely. It was eventually located in the front garden of a house five doors away.

When brown bins were discussed in a council meeting it was said that that sort of thing could not happen because a computer on board the refuse truck would ensure that the bin men knew who had paid the tax. The neighbour five doors away has not paid the bin tax so it’s double incompetence.

The whole system is a mess. Wandering bins and wandering garden waste may prove to be the system’s principal weakness.


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