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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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27 October (Part 1) - Confusing, careless and wrong

NoticeA reader from Welling referred me to the list of roads affected by the less than helpful Notice featured yesterday. Here’s an identical one found half a mile away. Click to enlarge.

It says the road, presumably the one where the Notice is on show but it doesn’t say, is to be subject to parking restrictions from next Monday. Apparently there will be no alternative route implying a road closure.

That Notice is on display in Elstree Gardens, Belvedere which is not an exceptionally long road but yesterday’s picture was taken in Abbey Road which extends almost a mile towards Erith before it continues eastward under another name.

It doesn’t seem very likely that the whole length of Abbey Road would be affected by parking restrictions at the same time but without any indication of the area affected it’s all a guessing game.

Even with the Schedule of roads available (see below) things do not improve. Both the Abbey Road and Elstree Gardens notices state that work will start next Monday, the official Schedule states a start date of next year.

And as for Danehill Walk, Sidcup, work should have started there last January and Google Earth shows it isn’t even a road!

As stated, the Deputy Director who signed the order is on one hundred and twelve grand a year - and did I mention the 20·6% contribution to his pension pot?

It may be a fairly inconsequential error but he is responsible for 21 key areas and people such as him are supposed to be sufficiently competent to run the whole borough.


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