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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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26 October (Part 2) - Quiz night. Guess where this is?

NoticeI must be Bonkers because whenever I see one of these Public Notices taped to a lamp post I stop and read it.

This one - click to see it at a readable size - is headed ‘Welling, Sidcup and Belvedere’ and says that Thames Water has been given permission to do water meter work and it will affect parking for seventeen weeks and that no alternative route will be made available.

It sounds like someone is in for serious disruption.

Unfortunately the notice doesn’t give any clue as to which road(s) will be disrupted. One might have guessed if the notice was taped to a short residential road but this one adorns a main road which extends half way across the borough. In an area where more than half of parking spaces have already disappeared over the past year or two.

I had hoped that we might have seen the end of silly notices when Mike Frizoni took his bag of gold and ran. This one is signed by Graham Ward, £112,0005 a year salary and £57.23 an hour overtime. Even more money than his predecessor Frizoni and he offers no clue as to where the mysterious Schedule One might be found. Where does Bexley council find such people?


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