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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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24 October - Are you Bonkers?

I am beginning to get used to that question when out and about taking photos. I have given up trying to think of a witty retort, its simpler to just say yes.

This morning the first of two was very keen to tell me that he was right behind my position on river crossings, so thanks to the man on the bike who took the trouble to stop and offer kind words, I was feeling a little fragile after yesterday’s skirmish. A man on a bike dressed in all the gear is in favour of a road bridge as quickly as possible! Whatever next? And he blamed Boris for there not being one already.

In Wilton Road I was asked to take photographs of the new parking restrictions, access to two shops has been severely restricted since yesterday because a hole in the ground which was filled a week ago has been opened up again - and is full of water.
The shops not only have reduced passing trade for a week but noise and a toilet facility. Customers have limited access to their doors.
Around the corner the brick outhouse (TP Hut †) that used to power the North Kent railway line has been knocked down today. Photos here. Several hours were spent protecting the track and the new cables so that a JCB mounted pneumatic drill could safely access the site.

In the old days a couple of men with pick axes would have got it down a lot more cheaply and probably quicker too. But maybe not so entertaining.

Traction Paralleling Hut.


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