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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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21 October (Part 2) - They serve a common purpose

We know that Will Tuckley was recruited to Tower Hamlets council by Penna Recruitment Solutions and it seems reasonable to assume that Tower Hamlets council paid them a fat fee to do their job not quite as well as they should have done. As Will Tuckley said later in one of his excuse emails you only have to Google his name and it comes up with all sorts of things which he was keen to blame on that Vexatious Fascist Blogger, Michael Barnbrook.
How Tower Hamlets choose to spend their money is none of my business and given Penna’s advertising blurb they had every reason to believe they would do a thorough job.
What I hadn’t expected to see from a council that is in dire financial straits and  intent on cutting staff, is that Bexley council is a big customer of Penna too. In the three months April to June 2015 Bexley paid Penna very nearly £18,000 for recruitment services.

Maybe I am becoming too cynical but the relationship between government, local authorities and agencies such as Penna too often appears to be built on jobs for the elite and get rich quick schemes and woe betide any Vexatious Fascist who dares to prick their little balloons with a dollop of truthfulness.


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