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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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21 October (Part 1) - Murky thoughts

Unless something exceptional is on the Agenda I don’t attend planning meetings, there’s a limit to what can be reported by one person and sitting through a couple of hours of back garden extensions to get to something more juicy is a bit of a bore.

Fortunately there is someone who keeps a close eye on planning developments in South East London and he keeps us informed on his blog which goes by the name of From the Murky Depths.

The majority of posts are centred on Greenwich but yesterday was an exception, it was all about Bexley.

The author makes an interesting point, with a huge number of dwellings in the pipeline (†) and most of them in the north of the borough, it’s going to be very difficult to find a seat on the train if you live in Woolwich or Charlton until Crossrail takes some of the load. And a bridge to funnel some northwards would help.

So if you have an interest in developments around Erith Park, Tower Road, Erith Quarry, Howbury or Erith Riverside yesterday’s Murky Depths blog should be worth your time.

I thought Jane Richardson said 22,000 at last week’s Places Scrutiny meeting but I am beginning to think I may have I misheard her. Would check the tape but that could take an hour or more.


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